Let O'Hara Metal Products save you money by designing the proper type of tooling to manufacture your parts. We require an accurate estimate of your yearly production volume and the predicted life of the product in years. Using this information we can make a proposal to design tooling that will reduce your cost while making the appropriate dollar investment in the tooling to produce that part over its productive lifetime.
An Investment in the Future

The thing to remember is that tooling is an investment in the future. The more you invest in the proper tooling now, the more you save in the future. The volume of parts manufactured and the design stability is critical. Minor modifications can be made to tooling for little to no additional charges. But major redesigns often can mean retooling which is costly. All this must be considered.

Sometimes the production saving is so large that the tooling cost payback need only be 6 months or a year. So it worth taking a look at all the alternatives.

Problem Solving Tooling Techniques

OMP has the ability to use many tooling techniques to solve your problems. We design and build all our own tooling in house. We use computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing techniques. We have a very wide range of in-house machinery that can be used to make very specialized parts. This includes but is not limited to wire EDM capabilities, punch presses, four slides, spring coilers, torsion coilers, CNC spring coilers, high speed presses, draw form presses and hot forming.

We have on staff engineers who can assist in the design of springs and stampings for both function and tooling feasibility.

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