O'Hara Metal Products originally built its spring making reputation in the high reliability world of gas controlsó where a faulty spring can spell big trouble. We built our reputation with one of the tightest quality control systems in the industry. Many years and millions of springs later, we still maintain these quality standards, your best assurance tható your little noticed spring will remain that way.

In addition to reliability, we offer unique spring making capabilities:

Compression Springs
  Micro-precision coilers capable of producing springs as tiny as .004" diameter wire wound to .016" O.D.
Torsion Springs
  Specialized torsion coilers to run torsion and extension springs with complex formed ends.
Extension Springs
  Spring generators forming springs with simple or intricate hooks automatically in high volume.
Special Packaging
  We provide systems to prevent tangling and insure dimensional stability throughout shipping and storage.

We can produce these coil spring types

  • Cone and Barreled Compression Springs
  • Square and Round Wire Clutch Springs
  • Clock and Hair Springs
  • Squared and Ground Compression Springs
  • Machine and Crossover Looped Extension Springs
  • Each of the Illustrated Springs and an Endless Variety of Other Types to Meet your Most Exacting Requirements
In these material types
  • Music Wire
  • Beryllium Copper
  • 300 & 400 Series St. Stl.
  • 17-7 Ph Stainless Steel
  • Oil Tempered Wire
  • Tungsten Wire
  • M B Hard Drawn Wire
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Incnel X Wire
  • Nickel-Chrome Wire
  • Chrome Vanadium Wire
  • Ni-Span C
As a topper, we have an experienced group of spring designers to help you out of those "impossible corners."

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