RFI / EMI Shielding

O'Hara Metal Products can manufacture RFI/EMI shielding to your exact specifications or we can assist you in the design and tooling for a solution to your specific application.


Design Guides

We can make available design guides for the selection of the proper material, thickness of that material and the correct type of plating if required. These same design guides can relate back to the user information concerning both the reflectivity effectiveness as well as the absorption effectiveness.

Information You Will Need

Information you will need to to use these guides are the frequency or frequency range you are trying to shield and the decibel drop you require to solve the problem. These tables are only an estimate but they should get you close enough to a solution in order to evaluate through the use of prototypes and testing.

RFI/EMI Door Gaskets

We also produce RFI/EMI door gaskets. We do not stock these items but they can be prototyped to meet your exact specifications and then tooled for production.

Quantity Discounts

If sufficient quantities are involved, savings from 10 to 50% can be shown. We also produce them in custom lengths to save you assembly time. Various materials are recommended for specific applications and our engineering staff can assist you in selection of the correct material for your requirements.


Recently we assisted a major computer company with a new snap in type design that helped them save over 80% on installation labor and 40% on material cost from the ''off the shelf'' design they had been using for the past 5 years.

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