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 RFI / EMI Shielding

O'Hara can manufacture RFI/EMI shielding to your exact specifications or we can assist you in the design and tooling for a solution to your specific application.

Die Design
Let us save you money by designing the proper type of tooling to manufacture your parts. We require an accurate estimate of your yearly production volume and the predicted life of the product in years. Using this information we can make a proposal to design tooling that will reduce your cost while making the appropriate dollar investment in the tooling to produce that part over its productive lifetime.

 Spring Design

O'Hara Metal Products originally built its spring making reputation in the high reliability world of gas controlsó where a faulty spring can spell big trouble. We built our reputation with one of the tightest quality control systems in the industry. Many years and millions of springs later, we still maintain these quality standards, your best assurance tható your little noticed spring will remain that way.

CNC Presses

We are proud to announce the purchase of an Amada Vipros 255 CNC Turret Press with a capacity of 22 tons. This will enable O'Hara Metal Products to serve you better with:
  • Shorter lead-times for prototypes
  • Cost-effective short-run tooling
  • Cheaper unit costs
  • Expanded capacity

Often the results stemming from the creative and innovative production design team at OMP will result in less expensive production by either saving in material costs, die and tooling costs or critical deadlines consistently met.

Following are several design solutions developed by the experienced staff at OMP that have done just that for each client:

Innovative Solutions


Because the client's current supplier was using typical production methods resulting in extensive down time, this created line shortages for the client.

OMP created a design which enables a punch press operation to run simultaneously with a 4-Slide machine. State of the art optical sensors were employed for vertical slug removal. Also a die was designed using special tool steels that can stand up to the task of the abrasive stainless steel used in the production of this part.
With this new design implemented, production now experiences very little down time, eliminating line shortages and producing a part more timely and profitably for the client.

Assembly Part

Client was looking for a more efficient method to produce this assembled part. OMP took the two step method that had been used before and designed an all-in-one operation which significantly improved the production process resulting in an improved component and cost savings for the customer.

OMP created a design which enables two dies to run in one press with multiple feeders with brass strip and silver contact material running in tandem. The contact material is welded to the brass strip before entering the complex compound progressive die. With special designs, the flat contact material is formed to a special electrical contact while remaining progression is stamping all around the part. Additionally, OMP developed a special carrier system that allowed a third operation to be added, utilizing a sophisticated automated screw driver unit to drive a special self tapping screw to a very close tolerance. The finished assembly is ejected and ready to ship to the customer.
With this new design implemented, production is completed all in one process, saving man power and time, resulting in a better production process of the part for the client.


Client was having trouble producing this part to meet the government's requirements for a government contract agency.

Instead of the typical part design which required a very expensive and complex progressive tool, OMP solved the problem by designing and building an innovative 4-Slide tool at one fifth of the cost.

The material used to manufacture this part is an exotic alloy which can typically wear tooling down in short periods of time. OMP's production team tackled this problem and designed the tooling necessary to meet the exacting production requirements for the contract.

OMP is meeting close tolerance with TIR requirements on this multi-formed part and exceeding the machine capabilities for all 4-Slide standards

The client is able to fulfill the government contract.

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